Joint Dynamics Podcast: Hank McGregor - Hurt, Pain, then Agony.

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1hr 44min

Winning a world championship is an experience only an elite few will ever know. Winning ten is so far beyond what (nearly) all of us could ever imagine it may as well come under the category of “a miracle”. ‍

Meet South African Waterman Hank McGregor. Hank is one of the most successful canoe marathon paddlers of all time with a total of 10 world championship Gold Medals. He was crowned the 2014 Male sportsman global paddler of the year, and has won the Molokai, Hawaii World Ocean surf ski Championship four times! ‍

In this discussion with Andrew Cox | Joint Dynamics Hank has an open and honest discussion on

• training to be the best,

• then training to STAY the best,

• maintaining a world champion mindset, & the self talk that accompanies that internal drive,

• Experiences with his coach and Father Lee McGregor (also a one time world class athlete), and now being a parent himself
• A life changing paddle across the Atlantic with his Father and how “find your own way home” became a challenge at the edge of Hank’s capacity in foreign waters. ‍

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