Jay Campbell Podcast: Strengthen Your Sanctum: How to achieve mobility, vitality & freedom

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The whole point of optimization is to live the richest life possible at the highest level of vitality. For millions of people, pain is a massive disruptor that makes this virtually impossible.

When we get our wellness right, taking care of ourselves provides a sense of freedom in a life full of chaos. It frees up our minds so we’re not worried about how well we’re taking care of ourselves. ‍ What are some of the factors that hold us back from vitality? How can we get our mobility right so we get the benefits of exercise?
‍In this episode, I’m joined by health and wellness coach, entrepreneur, and fellow child of the light, Chris DiVecchio. He shares why he developed the mobility wall, and how to solve the ongoing and worsening health crisis in our world.

Age doesn’t dictate how we move, how we age is dictated by how we move. -Chris DiVechhio